Welcome to S. Nafpliotis AVEE – Producer of Lambro© Shothunt Cartridges

S.NAFPLIOTIS SA, is a company that is active in the field of hunting and competition shooting since 1972.

Equips the hunter and the competition shooter with a full range of high quality and specialized products for hunting, nature and shooting range. It has a sales network in 25 countries to which it exports cartridges for shooting and hunting. The company has many years of exclusive partnerships with leading brands abroad which it has throughout Greece.

It is a sponsor of the Hellenic Shooting Federation and actively supports Greek snipers in their international obligations. The passion for detail and innovation is the driving force behind us.

Κυνηγετικά Φυσίγγια Lambro - Σ. Ναυπλιώτης ΑΒΕΕ


LAMBRO has a full range of hunting cartridges. With plastic concentrator, wool cap, half stop, dispersion cartridges, drums, monovolumes, steel shrapnel, measured shrapnel, literally everything.
Σκοπευτικά Φυσίγγια Lambro - Σ. Ναυπλιώτης ΑΒΕΕ


LAMBRO shooting cartridges hold the leading position in the success of Greek snipers. Three Pan-European medals, participation in the Olympic Games, and all the Panhellenic SKEET records.

Σκοπευτική Ομάδα Lambro - Σ. Ναυπλιώτης ΑΒΕΕ


Lambro Κυνηγετικά - Σκοπευτικά Φυσίγγια - Σ. Ναυπλιώτης ΑΒΕΕ