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LAMBRO. Excellence since 1977

Over 40 years of ballistics refinement, experience, leadership, performance, and reliability.

Hunting Cartridges Lambro - S. Nafpliotis


<strongLAMBRO goes deep and offers an unrivalled range of ammunition for all your shooting requirements: Long-range loads, scatter loads, super-scatter loads, high-performance, fibre or bior wad, slugs, buckshot, semi-buckshot with counted pellets, lead, steel shots, other than lead shots. Available calibres: 12-16-20-28-36.

Shooting Cartridges Lambro - S. Nafpliotis


LAMBRO , the official sponsor of the Greek Shooting Federation and Olympic skeet team for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad – Tokyo 2020, offers clay target shells in three grades of lead shot hardness (2%, 3%, 5% antimony), 24 and 28g loads.

Lambro Shooting Team - S. Nafpliotis


Meet the people behind the products. Every quality product needs a dedicated team, and you won’t find a more committed, experienced and skillful group than the one we have carefully assembled over the years.

Hunting & Shooting Cartridges Lambro - S. Nafpliotis