LAMBRO – since 1977

Since its inception over 45 years ago in Thebes, Boeotia Greece, LAMBRO has become a byword for high-end ammunition made with care from the finest materials. The company’s expertise, leadership and reliability has seen it extend its client base to over 30 countries worldwide. Our culture of continuous improvement and attention to the tiniest of details – combined with an innate understanding of our shooters’ exacting and ever-shifting requirements – make LAMBRO a true performance and reliable brand.

The Elite Choice

LAMBRO participates in all major ISSF competitions and Olympic games, with our products the choice of discerning world-class shooters of every vintage. We love to see the established names prove time and again that class is permanent, but there’s also nothing quite like being there to witness the emergence of new talent, whose development we are always excited to support.

Quality First and Always

We know our shooters. LAMBRO selects only top-quality and reliable raw materials and are more than happy to develop our own components when outsourcing can’t meet our painstaking requirements. Before and during production, every single component undergoes meticulous quality control processes in our in-house test laboratory. In this way, we ensure that even the smallest deviation from our standards can be traced and excluded.

The Extra Mile

Our counted pellets technique is just one example of an attention to detail that places us apart from so many of our rivals. In a sport where accuracy counts for everything, we are proud to say precision is an obsession for us. Our use of super scatter loads represents another example of our determination to push the limits.


The refinement of ballistics and innovation is a vital part of our business – LAMBRO has a dedicated research and development department to keep us ahead of the game.

Ballistic X-Ray

Our integrated in-house system for testing includes a high-tech, long-distance range and a C.I.P. certified proof house for all types of shotgun ammunition.

Lambro Cartridges Factory in Theabes - S. Nafpliotis